Thursday, July 14, 2011

consistency -where did you go?

Wow, all those posts at the begining of the year about how I was gonna be consistent, and here it's been months since I've posted, no new pictures have been taken, so nothing new has been added to the shop... well, I guess I've been consistent in procrastinating!
I have been working on learning new techniques and more about beading and jewelry. I have kept my house in decent condition, and my boys are growing up and becoming more mature, so I
guess I haven't completely failed.
So - New commitment - I am going to check my finances, and work hard at saving enough money to have Jesse Callahan Photography take photos of my items, so that I have great pictures to post in my studio. I am going to continue to learn more, and create more.
Someone - please - hold me accountable to this! (Maybe I should call Amy and see if she will keep me on the ball.)
Well, thanks to those of you who take the time to read, Pray for my consistency.

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