Monday, October 5, 2009

keeping on task

I have found that I am easily bored with doing one project at a time. The problem this creates is that I will put one project down in the middle of it and start a whole new one, never to return to the first.

My solution? Start two at the same time, then I am able to alternate between the two, thereby eliminating the boredom factor. I limit myself to two projects at once otherwise none of them will ever get done. I make myself finish those two before I will start a new one.

If I still run into some stagnation, I will allow myself to design on paper the next project, but not to touch the yarn for it till the others are done. This gives me incentive to finish the first projects.

My two projects now are the Creme De Mint doily and the pieces of Irish Lace - which I still have not decided what to use that for.....