Friday, January 28, 2011

Working through it....

So, it's been a month now, since the new year started. How are you doing on your attempt at building new habits?

I have struggled some - but am finding out, to my delight, that both Kathy Drown and Wendy Blight were right. As you begin to cultivate these habits, they get easier and easier to do. Especially as concerns Bible Study and Prayer. These particular disciplines build upon themselves and are in themselves an encouragement to continue.

I find too that as I add these disciplines to my life, it spills over into the rest of my " things to do"
and I discover that I actually have MORE time by adding these things. They help me keep my priorities straight. I have found my house is actually cleaner and I still have time to work on my crochet projects that have been sitting around waiting to be finished.I also have found more time to spend with my boys - something I dearly want and need to be able to do.

What are some of the things that are your stumbling blocks to cultivating these habits? Let's work on eliminating those one at a time, and replace them with a new and positive "weave" in our life. Like getting rid of the old and worn yarn in a work, and replacing it with good strong yarn. It takes quite a bit of work, but the result is a work ( life ) that will hold up much longer!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New determinations!

I am not usually one for the whole "new year resolution" thing but this year is different...

This past year has been a rough one, lots of trials to wade through. However, this has made me stronger. My trials have only proved to be the means to make me more complete. This gives me the courage to go on to this next year without fear of what it may bring - I know my Lord will see me through.

I read a great blog from proverbs 31 ministries - - in which she encouraged us to write a new years prayer. Here is my prayer for this year.


Here I am at the beginning of a new year. I pray you will help me to remember all the blessings you have given me this past year and treasure them as reminders that you are faithful. This is going to be a difficult year again, so help me to wait with patience for you and be confident that you will hear my cry and answer. Let my sufferings produce perseverance and bring glory to you. Let me wait patiently for those things that I am hoping for. Let my trials be a means to making me mature and complete in you.

Continue to prune me Lord and cut off every branch that is unfruitful. Show me the things you would have me to do, the things that will be fruitful for my family and for your kingdom. Help me to learn from your discipline this next year, so I may share in your holiness and it will produce a harvest of righteousness and peace. Help me to remember that though I may go through many and bitter trials you will restore my life again, even from the depths of the earth will you bring me up. May I let these tough times help me to rely on you rather than myself. I will say with confidence that you are my God and my helper, I will not be afraid of what life may bring me this year. Plant me by the water of your love and power so that I may not have worries even in a drought and that I my never fail to produce fruit. Be my Light and my Salvation, the stronghold in my life. I am fully confident that you have the power to do what you have promised me.

My life is fully and completely yours Lord, use it as you will.


As I begin this new year, I am more determined than ever to be more consistent in all the things I should be doing as a Christian, a Wife, a Mother, and an Artist. Join me in praying for the grace and strength to continue.

What are you determined to do this year?