Thursday, June 3, 2010

getting going again

Whew! it's been forever since I've been here! We recently had to move, I HATE moving! However, it does help with all those - I'll get that sorted out later piles! I think I threw away at least as many boxes full of stuff as I moved. Just where does all that stuff come from?
I also have a space just for my crochet and beading work now! Yahoo! I guess that means I have no more excuses for not getting more projects completed and in the studio for sale, right?

My next step is to get pictures of the new bead~and~crochet jewelry I have done, and upload them to the studio. Then I need to decide on the next project to start - more jewelry? Maybe finish up that Irish Crochet belt! (That is if my poor fingers can handle the small stuff right now.)

Well, once again, if any of you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.