Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is here!

Rose Garden doily by Crochet AddictSpring is one of those times when I am reminded that God is our Creator, and that He is a forgiving God.
After all the white snow has covered over the deadness of the end of Autumn, new life springs up. Just like
God's love covering over the deadness of my sins, and giving me a brand new life in Him!

New beginnings for everyone! Earth, animals, and Men and Women!

I am going to Celebrate these new beginnings this year with a new kind of crochet. I am going to experiment
with crocheting strings of beads to create jewelry and embellishments. I am thinking wire crochet will probably
work into this as well.

So....  pray for health and success in this new endeavor, and also let me know what new things are happening for you!


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